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Your book has now been written. You’ve released a book as an eBook, Kindle, print, or hardback. Did you know that readers now expect your book to be available in audio format so they can listen while working out, driving, or preparing lunch? Recording your audiobook with us is simpler than you might imagine.

To ensure that you have the most comfortable, carefree, and enjoyable recording experience possible, we have thought of everything.

If this is your first-time recording, don’t worry—we have! Every step of the way, we’ll be by your side. A producer and editor are assigned to each project specifically. You have the option of narrating your own book, or we can find a narrator for you. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you need anything special.

Different Ways To Do An Audiobook!

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Reading Types

Fully-Voiced Reading

In fully narrated audiobooks, every character is granted a distinct voice. This technique is often employed in books with numerous prominent characters or those seeking to evoke specific moods through narration. A single narrator can accomplish a fully voiced reading solo, provided they can effectively alter their voice for each character. However, there are instances where a team of narrators or voice actors is employed, enhancing the audiobook's immersive quality. This approach is particularly useful when a diverse range of characters or perspectives needs vivid representation. Whether solo or with a cast, the primary goal remains to bring the story to life and captivate listeners through auditory storytelling.

Partially-Voiced Reading

In partially voiced audiobooks, one character, typically the protagonist or main character, is given a unique voice or characterization. This approach extends to books where the narrator isn't the main character, allowing the audiobook narrator to read the narrator's lines in a straightforward manner. This technique is particularly useful for focusing on the protagonist's perspective and ensuring their distinct voice shines through, even if the overall audiobook isn't fully voiced. It enhances the listener's connection to the main character's journey and is a common practice in partially voiced audiobook recordings.

Unvoiced Reading

In unvoiced audiobook narration, the voice-over lacks emotional characterization. The narrator maintains a consistent, even tone throughout the book, including chapters with different characters and perspectives. This technique relies on a neutral, straightforward delivery, with the narrator conveying the text's words without added emotion or character-specific inflections. Unvoiced readings provide a clear and natural listening experience, making them easier to follow and allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the story without the distractions of varied character voices. This approach is favored for its simplicity and ability to deliver the book's content in a seamless, unobtrusive manner.

Cast Size Types

Solo Narration

Solo narration involves a single narrator performing the entire voiceover for an audiobook, making it the most common approach. This method is straightforward, as one narrator can handle all aspects of the book, including portraying multiple characters and various points of view. Despite the book's complexity or multiple perspectives, a skilled solo narrator can provide a cohesive and engaging listening experience, which is why it's a popular choice in audiobook production.

Dual Narration

Dual narration involves multiple narrators, often two or more, each representing a different point of view in an audiobook. It's commonly applied in books with multiple, alternating perspectives, offering readers a deeper understanding of various characters' thoughts and experiences. This style of narration enhances the audiobook's immersive quality and is particularly well-suited for stories with complex character dynamics or multifaceted plots, as it provides a more engaging and authentic listening experience by giving voice to each character's unique perspective.

Duet Narration

Duet narration features two or more narrators, with each assigned to voice specific characters, rather than entire points of view. In this style, narrators take on the roles of individual characters, leading to more frequent voice changes within a chapter or even a page. Duet narration enhances the audiobook's character-driven quality, allowing each character's unique voice and personality to shine through. This approach is often employed in books with distinct character interactions and dialogues, providing a dynamic and engaging listening experience.

Full Cast Narration

Full-cast narration, also known as cinematic narration, utilizes a substantial ensemble of narrators, each assigned to voice specific characters. These narrators not only read the characters' dialogues but also the descriptions and non-dialogue portions, often with just one narrator. Many audiobooks employing full-cast narration are enhanced with sound effects, creating a more immersive and theatrical listening experience. This style is particularly popular in audiobooks where a diverse range of characters and vivid storytelling are crucial, bringing the story to life in a dynamic way.

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The audiobook service that fulfils its obligations is the best. We want to go above and beyond what we promised to our customers. Therefore, we adhere to a complex project process that maximizes creativity and guarantees that you will receive the project on schedule, and will be able to reap maximum benefits!

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The rise in the digital era, and the increasing demand of audiobooks will increase online reach of the work which is close to your heart.

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More quickly than with any other form of communication, the message can be spread. People can listen and share it while doing their other work as well!

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Making an audiobook is one way to set yourself apart from the competition. Your book is probably not the first of its kind. Therefore, having something distinctive helps.

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Your audience will grow exponentially if people share your audiobooks and recommend it to each other.

If you write and publish, you own your book entirely; you are entitled to 100% of the rights and profits.

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