Secrets Behind
Our Best-Sellers

There’s a difference between a book and a
best-seller, and between a writer and an author. These
are the services that make all the difference.

We Put the Extra in Ordinary!

Palla Publishing is not your mediocre company; our professionals and experts are qualified and have experience spanning decades. They will go above and beyond to give you an outstanding client experience. Everything, from the budget to the communication style and the work process, is determined solely by the customer. Once you sign up with us, you order, and we deliver.

Result -Oriented

We don’t just talk; we work and produce results that are even better than your expectations.

One-Stop Shop

We have all the necessary services a book requires; you don’t have to go anywhere else.


Our Adaptability

Each customer is different and has different needs, we are experts in catering all.

Choose how you want to present your ideas!

Choose the tone and style which suits your plot!


We offer audiobook production and distribution services to help you reach a wider audience. Our team of professional voice actors and sound engineers will ensure that your book is brought to life in the audio format.

Video Book Trailer

We create compelling book video trailers that will capture the attention of your target audience. Our team of skilled video editors and designers will work closely with you to create a visually stunning trailer that effectively promotes your book.

Author Website

We design and develop custom author websites that showcase your book and provide readers with a seamless experience. Our team of web developers will ensure that your website is optimized for search engines and mobile devices.

Social Media Marketing

We provide social media marketing services that help you connect with your readers and build a strong online presence. Our team of social media experts will create and execute a custom marketing strategy that aligns with your goals.

Copyrights And Legal Services

We offer copyright registration services to protect your book from infringement and unauthorized use. Our team of legal professionals will guide you through the copyright registration process and ensure that your work is protected.

Book Reviews

Get your book noticed with our book review service. Our team of experienced reviewers will read and review your book, giving you valuable feedback and helping you reach a wider audience.

SEO (for Book Promotion)

Increase your online visibility and boost your book sales with our SEO services. We'll optimize your website and book listings with targeted keywords and strategies to help you rank higher in search engine results.

Blogs for Book Promotion

Promote your book and engage with your readers with our blog writing service. Our skilled writers will create compelling and informative blog posts to help you build your audience and promote your book.

Press Releases

Generate buzz for your book with our press release service. We'll craft a professional and attention-grabbing press release to announce your book launch, new release, or other news to media outlets and potential readers.

Editorial Critiques

Refine your manuscript and take your writing to the next level with our editorial critique service. Our experienced editors will provide detailed feedback on your writing style, plot, characterization, and more to help you improve and perfect your book.

Got a Story to Tell?

Then we are looking for you. We are currently offering 50% off and thought that it could benefit you!

If you write and publish, you own your book entirely; you are entitled to 100% of the rights and profits.

Here’s What You Can Expect Once You Have Filled Our Form

  • Our representatives will reach out to you once you submit your information.
  • We will ensure we have the details required to proceed with the book writing process.
  • Once that’s sorted, a dedicated book writer would be assigned for your book. They will have the right expertise and knowledge required for the content you want.
  • A project manager will overlook the entire book writing process and ensure timely deliveries.

Get Ready To Become A Bestseller!!